The Sofa Killer is a modern classic egg-inspired design

It allows for easy paddling to catch tons of waves on smaller days

and get in earlier on bigger days. 

It’s the most popular and versatile board,

 for all types of surf, from entry level to advanced surfer.


A reliable all-arounder that rips smaller waves, and really stands out,

 especially in shoulder-high to nearly double overhead point surf

—where you can draw lines with total confidence, speed, and control.


Minimalist logo with  all Heritage Series all stocked with high quality, colorful resin




Sofa Killer mid rocker provides easy paddling, speed and control.


Fin setup

Sofa Killer comes stock 2+1.  Alternative setups are available with custom orders.


Glassing specs

Boards 5'2" - 5'10" glassed standard with 4 x 4 + 4 oz. .

Boards 6'3" and up glassed standard with 6 x 6 + 4 oz 


Rail type

Medium rails, forgiving ride if conditions are less than ideal, but still full performance.

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